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  • Wineries and Weddings, A Match Made in Heaven (AKA Wine Country)

    Vineyards and wineries have long evoked notions of romance. Their rustic, vintage charm and earthy atmosphere create a magical setting unlike any other. It’s no surprise that an increasing number of brides-to-be are jumping on the winery wedding bandwagon these days, especially in California. Here at V. Sattui, we’re proud to share our beautiful landscape with our brides and grooms, and are thrilled to help make their special day extra beautiful. We love every aspect of the weddings we host here in wine country, but we’ll narrow it down here to our top 5 favorite reasons! Also, special thanks to photographers Richard Wood and Ken Viale for capturing these moments!
    1. Gorgeous Landscapes in Every Season
    Between the lush green leaves of spring and summer, the spectacular crimson and gold leaves of fall, and the delicate cover crop flowers of winter, our vineyards serve as a stunning backdrop during every season!




    2. Rustic Charm
    The rustic atmosphere of a winery takes you back in time to simpler days, and evokes a cozy, intimate feeling.




    3. Wineries are a Perfect Setting for Beautiful Florals
    What’s a wedding without beautiful flowers, right? Here at V. Sattui, our natural landscape perfectly complements beautifully crafted floral arrangements.

    photo 2



    4. We Love Wine!
    Everyone looks forward to sipping on something delicious at a wedding, and winery weddings definitely cater to that need! In a time when the “farm to table” trend is so popular, why not carry it through with “vineyard to glass”?

    wine bucket


    5. Wineries Offer Unique and Personal Options for Décor
    It’s fun to tie in decorations and party favors with the theme of the venue!


    bw bottle

    gift wine