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    For the past 8 years V. Sattui Winery has enrolled our Carneros estate, the Henry Ranch, in the Fish Friendly Farming program for the Napa Valley, a voluntary certification program for grape growers who implement land management practices that restore and sustain habitat and improve water quality.

       The program was developed as a collaboration of the agricultural community, government agencies and environmental groups both to educate us on preserving our environment and to develop a coalition of role models for the entire community.

       In the program, vineyards are not only scrutinized for vine management practices but also how we care for roads, drainage systems, creeks and rivers. The certification process is lengthy but we are committed to the changes necessary to preserve our habitat for generations to come.

       The forefront of our training is to develop and implement a farm plan of beneficial management practices with the expertise of hydrologists, biologists and environmental engineers. Some of these practices are challenging but worthwhile as we make necessary improvements for the vineyards, access roads, creek and river corridors for the 500-acre ranch.  

       Carneros Creek, which runs through Henry Ranch, is a beautiful waterway shared by several neighboring vineyards and ranches. The steelhead trout is one of many species in this tributary that rely on clean water to survive and thrive. We’re very excited to join our neighbors and participate in preserving such a beautiful part of our watershed. Fish Friendly Farming reinforces the idea that we not just see the vineyard for the vines, but for all the living things that share our ecosystem.


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