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  • Daniel Reyes, V. Sattui Gardener Extraordinaire

    A Winery for a Garden

    By Dario Sattui

    At V. Sattui Winery we have very little employee turnover. When a person is not doing well in an area, rather than giving up on him or her, we try to find a spot where he or she will excel. I believe everybody is good at something and only need a little guidance to find his or her niche.

    Then we have some great employees who excel right from the start. We do everything we can to hold on to these rare few. Daniel Reyes has been one of these great employees right from the day he began at V. Sattui nearly thirty years ago.

    A native of the small village of Yotatiro near Patzcuaro in the Mexican state of Michoacan, Daniel immigrated to the U.S. in 1979 at the age of 16 and worked at rose, chicken and mushroom farms in the Petaluma area before we met him.

    When he came to V. Sattui, Daniel became our first (and only) gardener. He had never been a gardener before, so in a sense, we learned together—I, about the wine business, and he, about making our grounds beautiful. Now thirty years later, he is an accomplished veteran. Though he now has an assistant, he is still our only gardener. One needs only to come to the Winery to see how much care and expertise Daniel puts into his work. And he always has a friendly smile for everyone to go along with his soft and sweet nature.

    Not only is Daniel loved by everybody at the Winery, both as a person and for the job he does, his work ethic is unsurpassed. He has been voted Employee of the Year more times than I can remember.

    Over the years Daniel has become a trusted friend, a man who truly cares about his work and a great asset to our company in the Sattui family of employees. It is people like Daniel Reyes, each doing his part, that make V. Sattui Winery the great place it is.

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