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  • Riding off into the Sunset…V. Sattui Style!

    What’s a fairy tale without a magical ending? While we like riding horses, we’re more excited about these fun methods of transportation!

    Josh Gruetzmacher Photography
    Luke Snyder Photography

    This couple appreciates hard work! Putting in some time on the tractor before the sun goes down and the party starts.

    Josh Gruetzmacher Photography

    A classic car for a modern couple, their love will never go out of style!

    Ken Viale Photography

    We love these edgy vineyard shots! This couple isn’t afraid to show their wild side.

    Shannon Stellmacher Photography

    This couples love brings new life to V. Sattui’s old faithful.

    Kate Watson Photography

    This couple is on the right track to a wonderful life together!

    Sylvain Gentile Photography

    What other unique methods of transportation have you seen at weddings? We love these personal touches!