Hall of Fame

Our Hall of Fame members are very special to V. Sattui Winery.  Each year we invite a few extraordinary devotees to be part of our extended family as a thank you for their unwavering loyalty and support.

Byron and Jennie Ravenscraft

Location: Santa Clara, CA

Year Inducted: 2023

Our first trip to Napa was in 2001, and our only stop was to the beautiful winery V Sattui. During that first visit and after a few splashes of that famous Gamay Rouge poured by Jay, we never looked back! We went home that day with the first case of wine we had ever purchased. We were so excited and instantly felt something special about the winery and staff that seemed so right for us on that day back in 2001. We then knew that V. Sattui was our Happy Place forever more!

After 22 years of drinking amazing Sattui wines plus countless trips to the winery and the amazing staff, we call family, V. Sattui has become a very big part of our lives! We treasure every chance to visit, including V. Sattui’s member events like Harvest Ball and Winemaker’s Dinners. We can’t get enough of their single-vineyard Zins and Cabs, especially the Morisoli from Rutherford and their gold-dipped “Dust Up.” We even customized the plate on our truck to commemorate our appreciation of the Rutherford Dust Up Cabernet. The memories and great times are too many to list, and the experiences will last a lifetime for us. We express our heartfelt appreciation for a milestone that we will cherish forever. Being nominated as HOF Members, we thank Dario Sattui, Tom Davies, John Winkelhaus, and the entire Sattui Team for over two decades of cherished friendships and great times as we celebrate.

We are truly honored for this amazing recognition and becoming 2023 Hall of Fame Members. Cheers and a Big “Dust Up” toast to all!

Wendell and Ellen Barner

Location: Steubenville, OH

Year Inducted: 2023

Ellen discovered V. Sattui first in 1992, while on a bus trip from San Francisco. She liked the wines so much she returned a few years later and joined the wine club. In 2003, we attended our first Harvest Ball and have rarely missed one since. During one Ball, Dario Sattui described the land tour to see the backroads of Tuscany and Umbria that tourists rarely see. We joined this trip of a lifetime to Italy in 2005, where we experienced Dario’s passion for food and wine and his inspiration for Castello di Amorosa. We also joined Dario and Tom Davies for the inaugural Oceana Cruise from Venice to Rome to celebrate Ellen’s 50th birthday. This cruise cemented our love for V. Sattui and made us feel part of the winery family. During the many cruises and events, we have made life-long friends whom we now visit regularly.

In 2011, we joined Chris Rota (our Wine Consultant) for a Preston and Morisoli vineyard tour. Thanks to Chris’ knowledge and insights on Napa wine, we discovered and fully appreciated the quality and value of V. Sattui wines. Every year since then, we have purchased Futures, primarily cabernets, zinfandels, and Entanglement. We enjoy sharing a variety of V. Sattui wines (including Estate Chardonnay and Brut Rosé) with our monthly wine tasting group (and even converting our French wine aficionados!). Having purchased Futures now for years, we have been able to showcase several Preston and Morisoli vertical tastings for our friends.

Thank you to all the employees of V. Sattui who keep us coming back with their incredible hospitality and wine knowledge. Marc, Janet, Chris, and Bob make the Gold and Tower Room tastings special events for us and our friends. The winemaking team under the leadership of Brooks Painter is unmatched. We have tasted our way through Napa and Sonoma; no other winery can compare to V. Sattui for the “family” atmosphere and incredible wines. No one welcomes us more or throws a party better than you!

David and Judy Traverso

Location: Piedmont, CA

Year Inducted: 2023

Having known Dario 50+ years and Tom 40+ years, it is only fitting that my sons and I have over 90 cases of V. Sattui wines at our homes. My great grandfather, Raffaello Petri founded Petri Winery in 1886, one year after Vittorio Sattui founded V. Sattui Winery in San Francisco. After prohibition, my family expanded our winery operations, in both bulk and national distribution, and after acquiring Italian Swiss Colony wines in 1953, became the largest domestic producer of wine in the United States. If they had made wines half as good as V. Sattui, they would still be in business today!

Our favorite wines continue to change as new wines are added, but we always seem to come back to the Paradiso and Morisoli. We also enjoy hosting our friends and business associates for private group experiences on the terrace behind the stone winery or on Vittorio’s lawn area, surrounded by vineyards. In addition to the wines, the delicious foods from the deli, including the crab cakes, sandwiches, the famous chicken salad and the incredible cheese and charcuterie platters keep us coming back for more. I always order way too much food but can’t wait to bring home the leftovers!

The Winery is so consistent that I am always impressed…. I am hosting another group in two weeks; the staff is so helpful. There is no better place to have a party!

David and Dawn Bender

Location: Macungie, PA

Year Inducted: 2023

Dawn and I first visited V. Sattui shortly after the birth of our daughter, Autumn, back in 1995. It was our first trip to the Napa Valley after being stationed at Travis Air Force Base earlier that year. We knew nothing about wine. We stumbled upon this small winery because of the beautiful picnic grounds and large oak trees. Our first experience was in the marketplace tasting room and the first wine I remember trying was Gamay Rouge. After sampling, we bought a few bottles and became members of the Cellar Club. I have fond memories of spending time in the Cellar Club with Jay. Dawn and I would taste wine while our three children would play Legos and enjoy crackers and cheese.

After returning from a deployment to Iraq in 2005, my time in the Air Force was coming to an end and we were returning home to Pennsylvania. Dawn and I knew that we needed to make one last trip to stock up at V. Sattui. Shipping wine to Pennsylvania used to be quite the challenge so we planned on loading up our RV and taking it home ourselves. During this last visit we were introduced to Futures. We started trying all our favorite Cabernets right out of the barrel. Not only did we walk out with about 8 cases, we purchased 3 more in Futures. It was at that point that I remember Dario Sattui coming out of his office to greet us and to thank us for being members. My wife immediately looked at me and asked, “How much did you spend?”

Several years ago, I had the pleasure of being introduced to John Citoli, my Wine Consultant. John has learned my taste in wine and his recommendations are always spot on. We’re both avid gardeners, so I love hearing how much better his harvest is than mine. Although the Preston and Morisoli Vineyards are still amongst my favorites, John has introduced us to Mt. Veeder, Vangone and the Rutherford Dust Up Cabs. V. Sattui wines occupy 95% of my wine cellar and he always makes sure that I stay stocked up on Family Red, our everyday (yeah almost every day) go-to wine. In fact, I don’t think our older children will drink anything other than V. Sattui.

Josh and Michelle Teeter

Location: Goodyear, AZ

Year Inducted: 2022

Our experience with wine began like so many others’ — mired in big box store wines that sparked interest but never elicited any passion. However, that was destined to change when Josh’s parents, Doug and Cathy Bowman (later inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2018), gifted us a bottle of V. Sattui Winery Director of Winemaking Brooks Painter’s wine with an invitation for a weekend in Napa Valley centered around the incomparable V. Sattui Winery Harvest Ball. We were enthusiastically hooked. The convivial hospitality of Tom, Brooks, Wink, their wives, and so many others made us feel like we had found a new home. Not only had we been introduced to a new set of close friends, but the discovery of single-vineyard Cabernets sent Josh down the rabbit hole of wine that could only be satisfied by Marc leading numerous tutoring sessions each year (if you know, you know). With the passion kindled, we have become unofficial international ambassadors for V. Sattui wines, by bringing a suitcase of wine to share whenever travelling as well as holding virtual tastings with friends, families, and colleagues around the globe. We made this a full family affair when we introduced Michelle’s parents to the winery as well as a third-generation, with my oldest son and daughter each visiting on their 21st birthdays (with 3 more to come). Some family you are born into, but some family is chosen. With V. Sattui Winery, we get it all!

David and Judi Chadwick

Location: Bloomington, IN

Year Inducted: 2022

About a dozen years ago, we were on our very first trip from the Eastern US to California, including an unforgettable first experience in Napa Valley. We asked our concierge at the Embassy Suites which winery they would go to with their family to enjoy great wines and spend the day – and without hesitation, they said: “I would go to V. Sattui! Great wines, great property.” We set our GPS to V. Sattui Winery, hit the road to St. Helena, and have never looked back. Our first tasting was in the Marketplace Tasting Room with Justin featuring lovely wines and great customer service. Later we discovered the Tower Tasting Room where we met Marc who exposed us to the full breadth of V. Sattui offerings – including amazing Reserve Wines. Soon we were hitting the parties! Lobster Fest is always loads of fun, and Crush Party is a favorite – but the Barrel Tasting Party tops them all. We felt like kids in a candy shop with so many barrels to taste and so little time! We quickly gravitated towards Futures, purchasing a couple of Cabs at that first event, and we continue the tradition to this day. One of our most memorable Barrel Tasting Parties was the year we met Mike Morisoli. The first vintage of Rutherford Dustup was being introduced and it was thrilling to meet one of the growers and taste alongside Marc and Mike in the allocation cave. David even helped thieve barrels and sell futures to partygoers! It was a truly fabulous experience. Above all, we appreciate the people at V. Sattui Winery. We’ve made so many friends among staff and other guests – they have become family to us. And we love bringing new members into the fold. Our daughter Jennifer finally discovered a taste for red wines after enjoying a flight with Marc, and our daughter Katie will soon have her chance to visit and will no doubt become a part of this great chosen family. Whether we are at the winery talking to first time visitors, gifting V. Sattui Cabernet for the holidays or just chatting with fellow travelers at the airport baggage claim – we are honored to be ambassadors for V. Sattui Winery.

Ken And Julie Storer

Location: Lincoln, CA

Year Inducted: 2022

Ken and I started coming to V. Sattui Winery back in 1989. Our dear friends and Hall of Fame Members, Jim and Gail Todaro-Janssen, invited us to the Harvest Ball that year, and we haven’t missed a Harvest Ball since. Every year we plan our calendars to attend this amazing black-tie gala where V. Sattui’s Michelin-Star Chef, Stefano Masanti, provides exquisite dishes to accompany top wines while we enjoy super entertainment, dancing, and fun during and after the dinner. One of our favorite parts of the evening is our annual photo shoot in front of the fountain. Tom Davies is our official photographer! Even the year it was cancelled due to the 2001 9/11 disaster, Gail and I visited the winery. Tom invited us to put on our blue jeans and come back later that day to have an informal meal with the team. It was an incredibly special time. We are fortunate to live just two short hours away from the winery and we visit at least 4-5 times a year bringing family and friends as much as possible to enjoy V. Sattui with us – including expert tastings hosted by Marc Golick in the Tower Tasting Room as well as barrel tasting in the Members’ Cellar Club. We especially enjoy any chance to taste our favorite wines: Mt. Veeder Cab, Morisoli Cab and Quaglia Vineyard Zin. Of all the experiences at V. Sattui – the great wine, picnicking on the Terrace or under the oaks, enjoying the Members’ Cellar Club – the real draw for us is the people. We’ve become lifelong friends with the V. Sattui team and always feel like family when we visit the winery – or even when we travel abroad! The wine cruise to Portugal, Spain and France was simply spectacular and we cannot wait to cruise from Greece to Istanbul with the V. Sattui family in 2023. Thank you V. Sattui for all the welcome smiles and hugs every time we visit!

John & Mary Ann Froehlich

Location: Benicia, CA

Year Inducted: 2022

We were first introduced to V. Sattui Winery by our friends and 2004 Hall of Fame inductees Kevin and Dee Ann Osborne. Over the years we’ve enjoyed being a part of the V. Sattui family and sharing the experience with our own family. In fact, our son-in-law Adam proposed to our daughter Natalie in the vineyard, and they’ve become V. Sattui devotees themselves while our eldest daughter Janelle and her friends have enjoyed special tasting experiences in the Gold Room with us. One of our favorite memories was a horizontal tasting of current vintage Zinfandels. Where else can you taste your way through eight different Zins from one winery? Living close by, we love to pop over to the winery in the afternoon for a visit. Before you know it, one or more members of our “extended family” are sharing a conversation and a glass of wine with us. We can’t say enough about the V. Sattui parties. They are indeed special. Sitting on the Terrace enjoying Madeira and a good cigar after a world-class dinner cannot be beat. Christmas is a very special time in our house when all our kids and their families gather. Mary Ann is a “Christmas baby” so we have an extra reason to celebrate every year and last year we marked the occasion with a double magnum of Rutherford Dust Up Cabernet Sauvignon signed by President Tom Davies and Executive Vice President John Winkelhaus. Our son Cameron asked me beforehand “Dad – how many bottles of wine are we opening tonight?” I answered, “Just one.” He was concerned… until he saw the bottle!

Bradley & Niki Kinoshita

Location: Hilo, HY

Year Inducted: 2022

Many years ago, when I first became of legal drinking age in Hawaii, my parents, and 2011 V. Sattui Hall of Fame inductees, Stan and Marge Kinoshita, introduced me to V. Sattui. You could say I literally “grew up” drinking V. Sattui wines! Over the years, my palate and passion for wine grew so I introduced my beautiful wife Niki to the world of wine – especially V. Sattui! Director of Winemaking Brooks Painter is a world-class winemaker; highly deserving of his many accolades, and our favorite wines of his year after year include Morisoli Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon and Paradiso, as well as Gilsson and Black-Sears Vineyard Zins. In fact, we love the Morisoli Vineyard Cabernet so much, our 1800-bottle wine cellar has an entire section dedicated to it! It holds a collection of Morisoli Cabernet Sauvignon spanning from 2005 to present. In addition, we have fantastic memories at the winery enjoying tastings in the Gold Room with Chris Rota, our personal Wine Consultant. Chris is incredibly knowledgeable about wine and food pairings and truly enhanced our enjoyment of V. Sattui Wines. The highlight of our year is our annual family trips to Napa Valley when we get to enjoy the wines of V. Sattui as well as visit Dario & Irina who have become very close friends. We look forward to introducing our boys to V. Sattui wines soon, so the “next generation” of Kinoshita wine lovers can continue the tradition.

Karl & Lynn Fullbright

Location: Reno, NV

Year Inducted: 2021

As we were planning our very first trip to Napa Valley in the late 1990’s, our friends told us to be sure we tasted and picnicked at V. Sattui Winery. Thankfully, we followed our friend’s advice, and after tasting wine with Jay, purchased our first case of wine ever followed by a wonderful picnic with a superb bottle of wine on the beautiful V. Sattui grounds. We were immediately hooked! V. Sattui Winery quickly became part of our annual vacation plans and we have returned time and time again since and made many friends along the way. The staff has always been helpful and kind; even finding us a place to stay in Calistoga when the entire Valley was booked! We’ve also attended many memorable winery events and after attending a Barrel Tasting Party in the mid 2000’s, we began buying Wine Futures which became our favorite way to buy Cabs and Paradiso. This past year has been an extremely difficult one for all of us. But despite all the winery’s challenges, V. Sattui made it easy for us to continue enjoying our favorite wines. Timaree O’Brien, our personal Wine Consultant, has kept us informed of wine specials, especially the Zins, and made it easy and convenient for us to order. The three 2021 Virtual Barrel Tastings were very uplifting as well. Seeing Tom, Brooks, Jason, “Wink”, Marc, and Bob; hearing them describe the wines and seeing the special videos highlighting the growers, was not only informative, but also entertaining. Superb job! Thank you for always making us feel comfortable and welcome. It is a true honor to be inducted into the V. Sattui Hall of Fame. We plan to have many more great times with the entire V. Sattui family!

Dale & Debbie Todd

Location: Leland, NC

Year Inducted: 2021

When we first visited V. Sattui in the fall of 1979 – over 40 years ago – we were greeted at the tasting bar by a tall young man who provided great descriptions of the wines, the winery and his family’s history of wine making – that man turned out to be Dario Sattui! After our tasting, we spent the rest of the afternoon in the picnic grove enjoying the wine and deli items basking in the beautiful Napa weather. Only 49 Napa Valley wineries existed at that time, and V. Sattui became our favorite winery right then and there. And it still is to this day! Home for us is primarily on the East Coast, so staying in touch with V. Sattui has involved the Wine-of-the-Month Club, Wine Futures and a few visits to the winery. In 2011 we discovered a new way to stay connected, and that’s when we traveled to the Mediterranean on the very first V. Sattui Wine Cruise. We have been on every single cruise since, making unforgettable memories and amazing friendships along the way. While we’ve visited many great wineries, the real highlights were the incredible Cruise tasting events, Winemaker Dinners and receptions hosted by Dario Sattui, Tom Davies and Brooks Painter who would share their knowledge and history and make these intimate experiences extra special. Aboard the ship, we learned that good wine cures sea sickness (for some), blending our own Paradiso enhances appreciation of winemaking, and Tom never need worry about left over wine – even at a Big Bottle reception! Our most-loved aspects of V. Sattui have been the quality of the wines (Black-Sears Zin, Dry Riesling, Preston Cab and Malbec are our favorites), the superb staff and the V. Sattui family atmosphere which has greatly enriched our lives as we’ve forged lifelong friendships with the winery team and fellow fans alike. And, thanks to the Virtual Happy Hours and Virtual Tastings, V. Sattui was the silver lining of the COVID clouds as well! Simply put, V. Sattui is a special place, with very special people. We know V. Sattui wines stand up to the best wines from anywhere in the world.

John & Isabel Barber

Location: Spartanburg, SC

Year Inducted: 2021

We first became acquainted with V. Sattui Winery almost 20 years ago. As we were touring Napa Valley with two of our sons, enjoying the wine country scenery with no specific destination in mind, we passed by V. Sattui Winery. The impressive Italian-style tower caught our eye from the road, and we decided we had to learn more. With a quick U-turn we pulled into the winery drive, and, looking back, we could not be happier that we did! Following a memorable tour of the winery that day, we enjoyed a delicious picnic lunch while savoring our very first bottle of V. Sattui Wine. Afterward, joining the Wine-of-the-Month Club was an easy next move. Offering two of our favorite varietals — Chardonnay and Pinot Noir — V. Sattui’s wine portfolio really resonated with us and over the years we have become extremely fond of the Carsi Vineyard Chardonnay and Collina d’Oro Pinot Noir in particular, as well as Carsi Vineyard Semillon and Dancing Egg Riesling. That said, there is never a shortage of variety in wines to try at V. Sattui and as members we were assigned a wonderful personal Wine Consultant, Timaree O’Brien, who has guided us on to new wines and kept us in-the-know about specials and new releases. Her great sense of humor, professionalism, and wine (and sales) savvy make her a joy to work with. Living on the East Coast, our membership has been the key to staying well-stocked with our favorite wines which we love to share with family and friends. Our last visit was in the fall of 2019 – and again, the experience was exceptional and even better since we shared it with special friends. Needless to say, we are very honored to be recognized by V. Sattui and inducted into such a prestigious group of wine enthusiasts. Cheers to many more years of tipping the glass!

Greg And Karen Stanovich

Location: Fairfield, CA

Year Inducted: 2020

In 1988, our search for a winery wedding venue ended at V. Sattui. Although weddings were not yet common at the winery, Tom Davies made us feel completely at home. He focused on what was possible and helped us visualize exactly what we had in mind. As a matter of fact, Tom became our “wedding planner.” Our family and friends are still talking about that evening! We live dangerously close, so it’s common for us to stop by for a tasting and visit with our favorite Cellar Club crew; Jay, Bob and Janet. In the beginning we brought home a selection of bottles (1988 vintages) to celebrate our anniversary. Over the past 32 years, that has expanded to cases of our go-to Family Red and an occasional case of Sauvignon Blanc. Of course, we have our favorites; Mt. Veeder and Morisoli Cabs. Love those Futures! The Gold Room has been the venue for many intimate and memorable tastings with family, friends, colleagues and guests checking off the Napa Valley from their bucket list. Jay Griffin always teaches us something, pours great wines and pairs just the right foods. Everyone enjoys when Tom is also able to join us. His knowledge of winemaking adds to the one-of-a-kind experience. V. Sattui is where we’ve gone to celebrate special events in our lives. Along with our own wedding, in 2009, it was the venue for our daughter’s wedding; the first, second-generation wedding on the property. In 2019 we celebrated plans for our son’s wedding. The winery was also the venue for a 50-person tasting, tour and dinner we were asked to arrange for a group from across the county. We’ve attended many winery events – always a fun experience with good food, good people and of course great wine! In the end, what really brings us back are the people, who we’ve grown to think of as family.

Gregg And Angela Furtaw

Location: Berwyn, PA

Year Inducted: 2020

Twenty five years ago I planned a trip to California to visit my good friend from childhood and to play golf at Pebble Beach. He and his wife decided I needed to fill out my trip with a visit to the Napa Valley. Having grown up on the East Coast, working for a construction company, I knew a lot about beer but little if anything about wine. We had already visited a number of big-named wineries when they said, “Let’s go get something to eat.” They took me to V. Sattui Winery. We grabbed a bite to eat, in what reminded me of a South Philadelphia Italian deli, then we went downstairs to the cellar for a private tasting. Two or three hours later I understood the difference between Cabernet, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah, and Chardonnay. I ordered a few mixed cases, intrigued that V. Sattui wines could not be purchased in stores back home. Since then, we have returned a half dozen times learning more about the winemaking process with each visit. Our most memorable trip included a tour of the facility, the vineyards, and a private wine tasting with food pairing in the Gold Room (our children tasted grape juice while we drank wine). That experience felt like a grad class on acidity, body, and tannins in wine. Since we live 3,500 miles away we figured it was easier to bring V. Sattui to us. We started buying wine Futures, large formats, and we officially made V. Sattui our corporate wine to gift to our clients at Christmas. With the help of Timaree (Tim) O’Brien’s guidance we have grown to love the full-bodied reds like the Paradiso, Morisoli, Preston, and Mount Veeder Cabernets and since I am still a construction guy, Timaree is always steering me straight, educating me on what years the climate made better. We are so happy that our friends took us to that small, family-owned boutique V. Sattui Winery all those years ago, whose excellent quality and attention to detail has made V. Sattui a staple in in the lives of my family, friends, and clients.

Jeff And Julia Fish

Location: Minnetrista, MN

Year Inducted: 2020

We began visiting the Napa Valley in the late 80’s and the locals told us we had to go to V. Sattui. Back then, we thought the white zin in the box was the “good stuff”. After getting our palates introduced to the great variety of V. Sattui wines, we were hooked! Jeff specifically remembers his first taste of Howell Mountain Zin. “How do you get pepper in grape juice!?!?!”. We became Wine-of-the-Month club members and started visiting at least once a year. Some of our fondest memories were spent in the Gold Room with friends and family and our hosts Jay, Bob, and Janet. Especially the ‘girls’ trip’ – Bob had us laughing until our stomachs hurt! Julia’s sister claimed the ‘Razzamoti Zin’ as her favorite! That continues to be a family joke and that sister gets a case of Ramazzotti Zin every year as a gift (yeh futures!). We feel fortunate to have attended many events at V. Sattui. From the Winemaker’s Dinner, President’s Dinner, and the granddaddy of them all, the Harvest Ball – which we attended for the first time 6 years ago and now plan our lives around it! Whether we are relaxing at home, hosting a neighborhood get together, or on our boat on Lake Minnetonka we always enjoy V. Sattui wines. We have become the unofficial V. Sattui ambassadors to Minnesota! The list of our favorite V. Sattui wines is long – Carsi and Collina d’Oro Chardonnay, Preston and Morisoli Cabernet, and of course, Howell Mountain and Ramazzotti Zin. The Vintage Port and Madeira are killer on those cold Minnesota winter nights! Thank you to Dario, Tom, Brooks, and the team at V. Sattui for the great wines and this incredible honor! A special thanks to Stacey and Deanna in the futures department for ensuring our futures order is placed every year!

Gary And Janice Van Groningen

Location: Laton, CA

Year Inducted: 2020

With Central Valley agriculture backgrounds and a ‘few’ enology classes from Fresno State, Gary and I felt ready to experience Napa wine country in the early 80’s. On our first visit to V. Sattui Winery, we were greeted by a tall, thin man named “Daryl [Sattui],” wearing rubber boots and “pulling lines.” We instantly felt right at home in this atmosphere and that’s when and where our relationship with the great reds of V. Sattui began. On our visits, we especially enjoyed barrel tasting, purchasing futures, and wine pairings offered at V. Sattui. As a retired farmer and an educator, we appreciate the myriad factors, from soil to science, parcels to practices, that affect each wine and vintage. Thus, Howell Mtn. Zin has been a long-time favorite. Morisoli Cabernet is another jewel that we’ve enjoyed for decades… and hope to enjoy for a few more. Throughout the years, we have continued to grow our relationship with folks at the winery, not only on our visits and at special events with Tom, John, and Jay, but by through correspondence with Chris and Debbie every month when we chat about our shipment and what’s new in our lives. As we open our home to family and friends, we can always count on a superb bottle of V. Sattui to be accompanied by a hearty meal, many laughs, and memories shared around the table.

Dan And Julie Wheeler

Location: Sacramento, CA

Year Inducted: 2019

V. Sattui has been my favorite winery since visiting for the first time in 1992. Having graduated from Chico State, I felt right at home in the social atmosphere of the tasting room, and the Chico State Alumni (none other than Tom Davies) who served the best grape ever to my future wife (Julie) and I. V. Sattui Wine has been present in several milestones in my life, including my marriage to Julie, birthday parties, friend celebrations, company parties, and so many awesome tasting events. Julie and I feel very fortunate to have met Tom Davies many years ago, and we have enjoyed his company every time we visit the winery. Thank you Dario Sattui, Tom Davies, Stacey Monaghan, and the entire team at V. Sattui for the recognition and great times Julie and I always have during our visits.

Rodger And Bernie Ames

Location: Denver, CO

Year Inducted: 2019

It was 2004 when I was working in Sacramento and discovered V. Sattui Winery from a rack card at one of those kiosks. Not a wine drinker by any means, I thought it would be an adventure… and an adventure it has been! We ended up in the Cellar Club room when we first arrived. You know the place – under the stone tower, where all the cool kids go. There was a sign posted “Club Members Only,” which I completely ignored and went in. It wasn’t busy there and the wine host was more than kind and let us stay. Life changing. We did the standard tasting from white to red to sweet and I immediately became a wine expert! I loved the idea I could buy wine and use it for gifts for all my clients. I bought the sparkling Moscato and Gamay Rouge; 5 cases total – BOOM!! On my way out, the club host told me to learn and enjoy the adventure, then added two bottles of the coveted Steve Lee Cabernet Sauvignon and said, “Save these bottles for a day in the future when your palate matures and enjoy.” Since then my love for wine has grown more each day. I read and try everything and now my love for V. Sattui wine is endless.

Sherman & Nancy Martinez

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Year Inducted: 2019

Over a decade ago our romance blossomed after visiting California wine country. It was at our favorite vineyard, V. Sattui Winery, that we began our commitment to our home wine cellar and eventually our lives together. We have enjoyed experiencing a wide variety of wines from V. Sattui through the Wine-of-the-Month Club with emphasis on their killer reds. It was at the Winemaker’s Dinner in 2013 where we met Brooks Painter and began cultivating a deeper appreciation for the single-vineyard wines produced by V. Sattui Winery. The Preston Cabernet Sauvignon is our go-to favorite for special occasions. While we are unable to travel to the Napa Valley as often as we like, we were honored by a private wine tasting with Tom Davies shortly after he learned of the San Francisco Int’l Wine Competition recognizing Brooks as Winemaker of the Year. We tasted the 2014 vintage wines straight from the barrel! The knowledge and appreciation we gained from that tasting sealed our desire to invest in V. Sattui’s wine Futures which has helped our wine cellar collection grow into the extended future. We live in the beautiful state of Colorado with spectacular vistas and awe-inspiring sunsets to which we celebrate life’s simple joys with a toast elevated by V. Sattui wines.

Sue And Andy Benton Ii

Location: Lincoln, NE

Year Inducted: 2019

Andy first visited V. Sattui Winery in the Spring of 1980 and over the years, he and Sue have confirmed the affectionate old Italian saying, “Amici e vino devono essere vecchi!! (Friends and wine must be old!!)” Franca taught us this on our first trip V. Sattui trip to the Tuscany-Umbria areas of Italy in 2013. A highlight on this trip was sampling various Brunello wines with Dario at his Monastero di Coriano in Tuscany! We have enjoyed visiting the Napa Valley area wine country and V. Sattui, in particular, many times over the years. We’ve introduced friends to these great wines too. Though we’re 1,600 miles away, Stacy Monaghan is great at keeping us well supplied with our favorite selections. We fondly remember Dick Ciapponi and a private wine tasting he orchestrated for us. The Family Red and Cabernet are “everyday” favorites, but we do enjoy from time to time a special bottle of Preston Vineyard Cab, Vittorio’s Vineyard Cab, Entanglement or others. Gamay Rouge with Thanksgiving Turkey dinner – has become our tradition. And what great Madeira and Port for after dinner! “Life is too short to drink bad wine!”

Bob And Lillian Rohl

Location: Discovery Bay, California

Year Inducted: 2018

V. Sattui was the winery Bob and Lillian visited on their very first trip to the Napa Valley after moving to Northern California in 2005. New to wine and open to learn, it was their V. Sattui wine host who made their first tasting experience personal as well as educational; each sample described in detail from swirling, to the nose, to the taste. A break from wine tasting took them to the deli and another level of taste sensations—with a variety of cheeses to sample, the artisan lunch specialties and recalling how everyone was helpful, pleasant and friendly. They had so much fun that the Rohls returned several times and soon became Cellar Club members. They like to recall their first Club visit, where they became acquainted with Chris Rota. He could answer every question, explain pairing wines with food, and how to get the very best out of each wine. The Rohls made many friends at V. Sattui, including winery employees – like Chris, Jay, and Amanda- and others just visiting the winery. Bob and Lillian bought 10 cases that first day in the Cellar Club, and make many return trips to their “second home”. On their visits they look forward to the seeing their staff “family”, tasting the wine, sampling from the new barrels of Futures, and usually take the time to enjoy a bottle of wine and delicacies from the Marketplace.

Gary And Tammy Tollefson

Location: Shelby Township, Michigan

Year Inducted: 2018

“Honey, the sign says “Members Only’,” warned Tammy. Unfazed, Gary entered the Cellar Club where a team of V. Sattui wine tenders greeted the couple, “Hi! Are you folks members?” Gary said, “No, but you can make us members.” That was April of 2001; the beginning of Gary and Tammy’s long-standing V. Sattui Winery relationship. There are two reasons why the Tollefsons remain loyal V. Sattui members: 1) A consistently great product and 2) An outstanding team at V. Sattui who have become dear friends. Sattui’s broad portfolio of zinfandels continue to be their favorite wines to order, at a frequency of two to four cases every month or so.When planning an event, Gary will call their dedicated Wine Consultant, Stacey Monaghan, affectionately nicknamed his ‘wine girl’. She assists with everything from designing the perfect wine and food pairing menu to selecting wines based on the tastes of their guests. Gary enjoys the opportunity to brag about Team V. Sattui. “You have a wine girl?” his guests ask. “Yes, and so should you!”

Rick And Gail Thornberry

Location: Napa, California

Year Inducted: 2018

Rick and Gail were married in St. Louis, uprooted themselves in 1982, and moved to Napa to start their own business. They soon discovered V. Sattui Winery and became friends with Daryl (Dario) and Tom who was always in the barebones tasting room pouring wines. So impressed with the affordable quality of the wines, they annually send them as Christmas gifts to their best clients.Then along came their daughter, Stacey, who was carried along to their tastings and indoctrinated into the V. Sattui culture and family. Her childhood dream was realized on Nov. 11, 2016 when she married her sweetheart, Colin, on the Tower lawn at the winery. Stacey and Colin have also become great fans of the winery. For more than 30 years the Thornberrys have purchased futures and enjoy attending Fiesta Italiana, the Barrel Tasting and Crush Parties. Favorite wines include Morisoli and Preston Cabernet Sauvignons and Black-Sears Vineyard Zinfandel. Rick and Gail have been members of the President’s Club for many years and are friends with so many wonderful employees who make it a point to include them as part of the V. Sattui Winery family.

Doug And Cathy Bowman

Location: Fernley, Nevada

Year Inducted: 2018

Doug and Cathy Bowman reside in Fernley, Nevada (35 miles east of Reno). Cathy is a retired school administrator and Doug is COO of the company that manufactures and distributes diving boards to all competition venues in the world…including every Olympics since 1960. “We found V. Sattui completely by chance…on a bus tour. It soon became our preferred winery by far.” Doug entertains business guests from all over the world at V. Sattui. “The wow factor when bringing important guests to V. Sattui cannot be overstated. On my very first use of the Gold Room, Tom, wearing his familiar straw hat, unexpectedly popped in with a couple of charcuterie platters. He stayed and conversed with my guests for half an hour! The entire staff always makes us feel special. Still, in the end, it is and must always be about the wine. My cellar has, by far, more V. Sattui than any other wine. Cathy and I especially love the bold, earthy cabs…and of course Paradiso.”

David And Mary Stark

Location: Spring Park, Minnesota

Year Inducted: 2017

For over 20 years, David & Mary Stark have been visiting V. Sattui winery celebrating numerous family events and making new memories. “From one of our first visits, where Jay took the time to guide us on a personal tour and tasting, we have been made to feel like we were part of a larger family and always welcome. For our 10th anniversary, we brought over 20 friends and family to the winery, where Chris and Chef Girardo created some amazing pairings for the group in the Vittorio Roomtruly a special memory. On another family outing, Tom treated us to a special tour and tasting at the fermentation egg. From crush parties to picnics on the lawn, V. Sattui has remained our go-to winery. We look forward to many more celebrations with family, friends, and, of course, excellent wines!”

Bob And Denise Schleizer

Location: Dallas, Texas

Year Inducted: 2017

Bob and Denise stopped in at Sattui Winery on a getaway weekend in 1984. “We drove our motorcycle from Half Moon Bay and saw people picnicking on the lawn on a beautiful summer day. It has held a special place in our hearts ever since. We celebrated our 30th anniversary at the 30th anniversary Harvest Ball. Sattui has become our house wine and we love them all from Sauvignon Blanc to Madeira. We have been Cellar Club members for decades and have introduced hundreds of people to the winery through our annual Christmas gifts of Sattui wine over the past 6 years to all of our valued company referral sources. We know many that have become club members and make a trip to Sattui Winery a destination point when they travel to California. Our six children have continued the tradition and all love the wine!”

Ivan And Joan Winland

Location: Pickerington, Ohio

Year Inducted: 2017

Ivan and Joan Winland were first introduced to V. Sattui wines in 1992 when their daughter gave them 2 bottles of V. Sattui wine after a trip to the wine country. In 1995, after hearing all about the wonderful winery, they made sure to include a stop at V. Sattui while vacationing in California. They loved the beautiful grounds, the friendly staff, the wine shop and of course the wines! They even enjoyed a picnic that day at the winery’s picnic grounds. Ivan and Joan quickly became wine of the month members and were excited to attend the 1997 Harvest Ball. Over the years, they have had several “favorite” wines and are currently enjoying the Los Carneros Pinot Noir and Dry Riesling for their everyday “Happy Hour!” V. Sattui wines and sparking wines have always been part of their gatherings and celebrations as they love to share the wine with their family and friends.


Location: Vacaville, California

Year Inducted: 2017

Chris Gallagher and his wife, Deborah, are lucky enough to live just over the mountains from the Napa Valley, in the friendly town of Vacaville. “Our long relationship with V. Sattui winery started on a chance visit on Easter of 1995. We stopped in for a family picnic and fell in love with the place. The wine was excellent and the staff was so friendly and made us feel as if we had been coming there for years. Everyone at the winery is like family. Each time we visit our first stop is the cellar, usually to taste some of our futures to see how they are maturing and visit with all our friends. Next stop is a trip upstairs to see all our friends there and get food for a picnic. We love adventure cycling and at least once per year make the ride over the mountain to picnic. We have so many fond memories of all the fantastic wines, good food, and fun events over the years and look forward to many more,” they state. The picture is from their 10-day bicycle trip around the province of Abruzzo, Italy, where they pedaled from the Appenine mountains to the Adriatic Sea.

Marlon & Jeri Wells

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Year Inducted: 2016

Marlon & Jeri Wells dubbed V. Sattui their “home winery” in 1993 on their very first trip to the Napa Valley. Jeri said the tasting room staff made them feel like family from the very first pour. That trip included the first of many picnic lunches on the winery grounds with foods from our Artisan Deli and a great bottle of Riesling. Their favorite V. Sattui wines also include our Preston Vineyard Zin, Anderson Valley Pinot, Paradiso, and our Vintage Port. “Those trips are magical memory-makers we’ll never forget,” says Marlon. “After 23 years, we remain loyal to V. Sattui not only because of its fantastic wines, but because of its people, who continuously amaze us with their passionate, knowledgeable and caring attitudes.”

Jeffery And Gail Johnson

Location: La Porte, Indiana

Year Inducted: 2016

Jeff and Gail first visited V.Sattui Winery 10 years ago when they went to visit their oldest son, Aaron, and his wife, Megan, in San Jose. “We researched wineries to visit in Napa Valley and found V. Sattui was ranked #1 on a travel website,” says Gail. “On that first visit we experienced a tasting, and became members, joining the wine of the month club and we bought our first futures. We have bought magnums to celebrate many milestones, and we buy cases for holiday gifts requested by our children and friends.” The Johnsons recently made their dream of having a nicely stocked wine cellar a reality. Now they love to show off their V. Sattui collection including Jeff’s favorite, the 2006 Henry Ranch Merlot, and Gail’s favorite, our Preston and Morisoli Cabernets. They also enjoy V. Sattui’s ports.

John & Rhonda Stewart

Location: Benicia, CA

Year Inducted: 2016

In 1992, V. Sattui was the very first California winery John & Rhonda Stewart ever visited. Clearly we made an impression, because in June of 1993, they were married in the sunken courtyard outside the barrel room. They have continued the tradition for the last twenty years, visiting V. Sattui annually, enjoying a wine country picnic with a feast from our Artisan Deli and their favorite picnic wine, Gamay Rouge. “It is not far off to feel like Norm from the television show, ‘Cheers’ when come,” says Rhonda. “Jay, David, and Tom welcome us, update on the latest happenings, and pour a taste of something special, oftentimes, something not on the tasting list that day.”

Caitie O’shea

Location: Daly City, CA

Year Inducted: 2016

Caitie O’Shea made her first journey to V. Sattui Winery in 1978 when she met owner, Dario Sattui. He was at the winery by himself, busy bottling and labeling his wine. She says he still took time to graciously answer her questions, and help guests. “That warmth and hospitality continues today and adds to the enjoyment of the superior wines offered,” says Catie. “V. Sattui wines have been a part of many celebrations in my life!” Over the years Caitie has introduced friends and her large family to V. Sattui wines and ships cases to several states. For the past few years, Caitie has also brought her family to the Harvest Ball as their Christmas gift.

Mark Cranford

Location: Acworth, Georgia

Year Inducted: 2015

Mark and his wife of 27 years, Susan, were turned on to V. Sattui by a good friend of his and longtime member of ours, Will William. He and Susan have enjoyed several great V. Sattui wines from Will’s cellar, until one day he and Susan made the trip out to Napa and made a stop at V. Sattui Winery. He has been buying wines from us ever since, and loves the assistance of his personal wine consultant, Jim Montalbano, who is always very helpful with purchases.

Martin Smith

Location: Moraga, California

Year Inducted: 2015

Martin Smith and his wife, Diana, have had some great times with us at the winery. “It started with Dario at the 1986 Harvest Ball going to the back to bring out special magnums of Preston (Cabernet) to share on a fold-out table while we were all in black tie, to touring the Castle while it was still being built and asking my daughter to sing down in the cellars, to climbing around the inventory looking for that special bottle, to where you all are now. From the tasting room, to everyone at V. Sattui we have met over the years: Jay (Griffin), Chris (Rota), Donn (Ledwick), Bob (Cuozzo), Timaree (O’Brien) . . . we have had a great time enjoying the camaraderie and good cheer that always seems present with good wine.”

Dr. Augustine Eze

Location: Gastonia, North Carolina

Year Inducted: 2015

Dr. Augustine Eze resides in Gastonia, NC with his wife, Theresa. He was first introduced to the winery in 1999, during a short conference in the San Francisco area. The good doctor says he “toured the winery and fell in love” with our wines. Not only does he enjoy drinking our wines himself, but he loves introducing his friends to the wines and the winery, as well.

Dr. Frank Parks & Dr. Joseph Calabro

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma & Fair Haven, New Jersey

Year Inducted: 2015

In 1984, Drs. Frank Parks and Joe Calabro were Emergency Medicine Residents training at the San Francisco General Hospital Trauma Unit. On a rare day off, the two young physicians drove their beat-up, military-issued Ford Pinto to Napa Valley. On a resident’s salary with little money to spend on good wine, Joe and Frank stumbled across a tiny sign during their first Napa trip: “V. Sattui Winery—free tasting.” After visiting our tiny tasting room, with a few boards propped on two wine barrels as the only counter, Frank and Joe instantly became devotees of V. Sattui wine. Over the decades, these longtime best friends have enjoyed V. Sattui wine and countless winery visits. Thirty years later, these two successful physicians still toast with V. Sattui Wine at every opportunity possible. “V. Sattui wine has become part of our life stories, of which we cherish every page. Thank you! Cheers!”

Kenneth & Lisa Kwietniak

Location: Hercules, California

Year Inducted: 2014

The Kwietniaks are fortunate to live only 45 minutes from the Winery, but they still get excited every time they’re planning a visit for tasting in the Cellar. Kenneth discovered V. Sattui during his first visit to Napa Valley in 1994. It was an unforgettable experience, cementing V. Sattui as his favorite winery from then on. Over many memorable visits with family and friends, he credits the fun and knowledgeable Sattui staff with developing his insight and appreciation for wines. They love that V. Sattui continues to offer new wines to try.

The Reginato Family

Location: Chandler, Arizona & Sunnyvale, California

Year Inducted: 2014

“We started coming regularly to V. Sattui in the early ‘90s,” says Rob, a retired research scientist. “The first futures purchase was a case of the (excellent) Mario Sattui Reserve Cabernet, which was shared with my four sons. In the two decades since, we have continued to buy futures, adding more varieties each year.” Rick, an engineer in the Silicon Valley, and his three brothers who live in Arizona have visited the Winery several times and have enjoyed the wines and hospitality. “We love the wines, certainly,” Rob says, “but it’s the friendly atmosphere and knowledgeable staff—Chris Rota, Jay, Lilia and, of course, Tom Davies—that make our visits memorable. And now we’re training yet another new generation of Reginatos to come to V. Sattui Winery as well.

Ray & Izzie Dryer

Location: Rodeo, California

Year Inducted: 2014

“There are many wineries in the Napa Valley but V. Sattui is our favorite,” says Izzie. “It may sound crazy, but between the wine, the people and the ambiance, I am instantly peaceful and happy every time we come to visit.” Ray, a retired college football coach , and wife, Izzie, live in Rodeo, exactly half way between Napa and San Francisco. “We started visiting V. Sattui in 1994,” says Izzie, “and instantly fell in love with the grounds, the Deli…and of course the wine. But the thing that really struck us was the hospitality and willingness of every staff member to patiently educate us about every wine. We were especially drawn to (the late) Steve Lee and were so happy to spend time with him, as well as Tom Davies, Chris Rota and Jay and Lilia in the Cellar Club.”

Mickey Taylor

Location: Clarksville, Maryland

Year Inducted: 2014

“My first visit to V. Sattui was back in 2001,” says Mickey, “and it quickly became my favorite winery. Not only are the wines exceptional, but the friendly staff and unique tasting experience in the Cellar Club are way above the rest. Over the years I’ve introduced V. Sattui wines to family and friends who instantly become fans but later exclaim, ‘I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find this wine in any stores!’ To which I reply, ‘You’ll be looking for a long time…it’s only available directly from the Winery!’ Holidays and special occasions aren’t quite complete without V. Sattui wines. My favorites are the reds—Cabernets, Petite Sirah, Zins and Syrah.”

Susan & Richard Carlson

Location: Niwot, Colorado

Year Inducted: 2013

“We’ve been in love with V. Sattui wines since the late ‘90s,” says Susan. “No trip to Napa would be complete without a visit to V. Sattui. One of our favorite memories is from back when we took Richard’s dad up from Santa Clara one fall…and had the most wonderful picnic and a fabulous bottle of ‘97 Suzanne’s Vineyard Zinfandel. It stands out as one of those idyllic moments in time.” The Carlsons live on a little horse ranch north of Denver, near Boulder, where they own and breed quarter horses. “When we give a gift of wine or serve wine with a special dinner,” Susan adds, “V. Sattui is our wine of choice. I don’t believe I’ve ever poured a glass of V. Sattui for anyone and not had a reaction of ‘wow, that is really good!’”

Walt & Geri Mayer

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Year Inducted: 2013

“I often pay the corkage fee and bring my own bottle of V. Sattui to fine restaurants. The fees can be steep, which inevitably piques the curiosity of the sommelier, who always has a lot of questions and we try to leave a taste,” says Walt. “On our first trip to Napa in 1995, Geri and I discovered V. Sattui. We were very fortunate to be served by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable person who got me so excited about experiencing the subtleties of wine that, after tasting the normal offerings that day, I became bold and asked to taste Sattui’s finest. He obliged, and a wine aficionado was born! I ordered some cases then and there, and soon became involved in the futures program.”

Frank Mesta

Location: Martinez, California

Year Inducted: 2013

“I know what I like, and I like V. Sattui wines and everyone associated with the Winery. I always feel welcome and made to feel an important part of the family,” says Frank. He is a native Californian who currently lives in Martinez with his lovely sweetheart, Renee (also a Gold Member at V. Sattui.) Frank is often teased that he should work for V. Sattui, as he takes great pride and pleasure in not only tasting, collecting and drinking the wines, but in bringing guests to the Winery so that they too can share the V. Sattui “experience.” He and Renee attend all of the annual Winery events, where Frank can always be found on the dance floor until the music stops.

Ed & Mayra Barger

Location: Miami, Florida

Year Inducted: 2013

“Joining the V. Sattui Wine-of-the-Month Club was the start of a long-lasting relationship, back as far as 1986 or thereabouts,” recalls Ed, a senior vice president with Morgan Stanley, “Then a call from an internal sales individual introduced a few of the Cabernets and the Carsi Chardonnay, which my wife loves. Two or three cases would provide our drinking pleasure for at least the next few months.” “It wasn’t until I received a call from Anna [in outbound hospitality] that my V. Sattui experience began to take my palate in new wine directions…Vittorio Vineyard Cabs, back-to-back great vintages of Preston, Mount Veeder, the awesome Morisoli Cabs…and the Paradiso! And I truly enjoy the Port and Madeira also.”

Jennifer And Dave Dehlman

Location: Akron, Ohio

Year Inducted: 2012

Jen and Dave made their first visit to V. Sattui after their wedding in the summer of 1999. They became club members on that visit and have since celebrated anniversaries here and have brought the Johnsons and Fordhams into the fold. “Thank you, V. Sattui for twelve years of wonderful wines and hospitality. We look forward to spending a long enjoyable life with you by our sides!” They recently took a “temporary” 3-year assignment to Shanghai and are now trying to figure out how to get V. Sattui wines to China!

Nancy And Greg Andersen

Location: Alexandria, Virginia

Year Inducted: 2012

Nancy and Greg discovered V. Sattui through their good friends (and fellow Hall of Famers) Doug and Laura Johnson.“What keeps us coming back year after year are Tom (Davies), Chris (Rota) and the rest of the staff, “ says Greg. “They’re all fantastic in teaching us about the wines. And we really enjoy the beautiful picnic grounds, the delicious gourmet deli and of course partaking in the annual Barrel Tasting Party. V. Sattui has something for everyone; and our favorite wines keep changing. Our current favorites include the Henry Ranch Pinot Noir, many of the Zins and Cabs, and the Carneros Chardonnay.”

Dawn And Thomas Johnson

Location: Akron, Ohio

Year Inducted: 2012

“The Dehlmans invited us to visit Napa Valley in 2002 to celebrate both our wedding anniversaries,” says Thomas. “It was amazing to actually visit the winery whose wine we admired so much. We loved V. Sattui and became instant Gold Cellar Club members for life! You can’t beat the people, the atmosphere, or the wine! We are all big Zinfandel fans and I believe our all-time favorite would have to be the 1999 Suzanne’s Zin! We have since wowed many friends with wines from V. Sattui and we are somehow always asked to bring the wine to parties and get-togethers!”

Vikki And Larry Fordham

Location: Bath, Ohio

Year Inducted: 2012

“Our first trip to Napa,” says Larry, “was organized by Thomas (Johnson) and Dave (Dehlman) who have been V. Sattui Gold Card members for a number of years. Little did we know how that trip—which culminated in a 4½ hour spectacular wine tasting at V.Sattui–would forever change our palates!” He adds, “We spend our summer weekends boating on western Lake Erie and enjoy sharing V. Sattui wines with our dock mates!”

Laura And Doug Johnson

Location: San Jose, California

Year Inducted: 2011

Doug’s history with V. Sattui goes back to 1976, the first year we were open. Doug and Laura visit us frequently and we definitely see them at our Annual Barrel Tasting Party in January when they purchase their wine futures. Their current wine collection totals 4,000 bottles, 1,000 of which are V. Sattui wines, with 10-year verticals on most of the Cabernets. “Laura prefers the Morisoli Cabernet,” says Doug, “and I prefer the Preston, so we always buy both! We enjoy the Zinfandels, Petite Sirah, Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays…actually there’s nothing we don’t like!!

Jim & Pat Kruswicki

Location: Mukwonago, Wisconsin

Year Inducted: 2011

Jim and Pat have been coming to V. Sattui Winery for the past 18 years. They regularly attend our mid-summer Festa Italiana and have introduced many friends and family members to V. Sattui’s great wines. One of their favorites was the ’97 Howell Mountain Zinfandel. They say the arrival of their Wine-of-the-Month Club shipment puts a smile on their faces each month as they enjoy trying V. Sattui’s new releases!

Stan & Marge Kinoshita

Location: Hilo, Hawaii

Year Inducted: 2011

The Kinoshitas have been regular customers since the mid-1970’s, when Stan told the gentleman pouring samples for him in the Tasting Room how much he really enjoyed the wines. “I found out later that man was Dario Sattui! I nearly flipped! We’ve been visiting the Winery every year since. Chris and Jay have become friends in the Cellar Club and Tom always pays us a visit when we’re there. And the wines have just become better and better over the years. Aloha.”

Robert & Mary Rodack Ed & Andrea Zubow

Location: Sedona & Phoenix, Arizona

Year Inducted: 2010

After keeping V. Sattui to themselves since the 1980s, the Rodacks shared their love of fine wine with their nephew and his wife (the Zubows). Now the foursome, along with a growing list of family and friends from across the country, make and annual trip to our Tax Relief Party (now our Lobster Fest) a family tradition where they enjoy tasting from the barrel and buying futures. Robert says it’s pretty common at family gatherings to hear them debate over which V. Sattui Riesling is better. “As you’d imagine, we usually end up drinking them all, and the debate continues!”

Eric & Amy Semifero

Location: Allen, Texas

Year Inducted: 2010

“V. Sattui is like a second home for us,” says Amy Semifero. “The wines never disappoint. I like the Pinot Noirs and Vintage Port. Eric likes the Ramazzotti Zin and Sauvignon Blanc. The deli is amazing. And we love the staff. They’ve always treated us like friends. The Semiferos (he teaches biology, she teaches art) have been devoted patrons for quite a while and attend our parties and events regularly. They even renewed their vows here for their 10th wedding anniversary! “Even though Eric and I have our own individual interests, this is one we both share. V. Sattui has ignited a passion for wine in both of us.”

Gerald & Angie Kaiser

Location: Alpharetta, Georgia

Year Inducted: 2010

“We always have a great time at the winery,” says Gerald. “We like to visit in the Cellar with Chris (Rota)…and Dick (Ciapponi) is our all-time favorite. I’m proud of my heritage with V. Sattui. We always look at the V. Sattui experience as one of the highlights of our trips to the West Coast.” Gerald has been an avid supporter of V. Sattui since 1983 when his parents brought him here while he was in college. He estimates he’s been here well over fifty times in the years since then, and don’t forget the man lives in Georgia! “I’ve probably purchased close to a hundred cases over the past 24 years…and personally brought over a hundred different people to the winery, not to mention all those I’ve sent there.”

Jim Maggiore

Location: Santa Clara, California

Year Inducted: 2010

“V. Sattui truly is my home in the Napa Valley,” says Jim. “Everyone one there makes me feel like family. Tom and Jay have great wine knowledge and are happy to share it with you. The cellar takes me back in time, and I love the grounds where we can enjoy great wine and food with friends and family. And the wine is amazing. I love the reds.” He’s got the wine to prove it. He sent us several photos of his collection and we couldn’t spot another winery’s label among them! “I’ve got thirty cases of V. Sattui wines,” Jim says proudly, “and I look forward to getting many more!”

Jack Veal

Location: Morgan, Texas

Year Inducted: 2009

Longtime customer Jack Veal has twenty-two acres on the Brazos River west of Waco, Texas, and is a big fan of our Cabernets, Chardonnays and Zins. He came one year to pick up the futures he had stored with us; but it turned out he had forty-four cases and we had to send them to him on a pallet! With regard to Jack’s penchant for V. Sattui wine, his wife Vickie shrugs and says, “I’m afraid I don’t drink…Jack married me because he knew I wouldn’t touch his wine!”

Renee & David Ruble

Location: Jupiter, Florida

Year Inducted: 2009

“V. Sattui wines are among the best in the world,” says David. “To us, V. Sattui means romance and aroma are in the air!” The Rubles live just north of Palm Beach, Florida. They’ve been purchasing V. Sattui wines since 1988 and joined the Wine-of-the-Month Club on their first visit here. “We really enjoy the tasting, deli and picnic area and all the energy and excitement there.” They’re big fans of our Gamay Rouge, Cabernets, Merlots, Pinot Noir and Riesling.

Patrice & Grady Merritt

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Year Inducted: 2009

“The wines of V. Sattui have joined us at our table on countless occasions, allowing us to share its’ fine tradition with family and friends,” says Grady. Patrice and Grady discovered V. Sattui Wines their honeymoon in Napa Valley over 22 years ago. Since that time, the Merritts have savored V. Sattui wines and have revisited the Winery many times, even celebrating Patrice’s 50th birthday with a moon-lit vineyard tour and a private dinner party at the Winery in 2004. With a cellar stocked with over 200 bottles of V. Sattui wines, primarily hearty reds anchored by Preston Vineyard Cabernet, he says “Any occasion at our home is a V. Sattui occasion.”

Bob & Leslie Rametta

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Year Inducted: 2009

Bob first visited the Napa Valley in 1987 while attending a seminar at Stanford. After a great Italian-style lunch, Bob was introduced to Lilia in the Tasting Room and ended up carrying home his first purchase. Now he and Leslie are regular guests during their summer vacations, attending our Festa Italiana. They continue to make annual trips, often with friends and family, bringing nearly a dozen new V. Sattui recruits over the years. Bob’s favorite is the Preston Cabernet but likes Sattui Family Red as his “everyday wine.” Leslie’s favorites include our Dry Riesling and Muscat.

Allan Pallarito

Location: Littleton, Colorado

Year Inducted: 2008

“Thank you for all the memorable moments I have enjoyed while drinking your special nectar!” Allan Pallarito lives in the mountains of Colorado and has been enjoying V. Sattui wines for more than 25 years. He’s the President of a fiber optic company and says he has about 1,000 bottles of V. Sattui wines in his cellar, many of them over 10-to-15 years old! Two of his prized possessions (shown here) are a bottle each of the 1985 Preston Vineyard Cabernet (Centennial Vintage) and 1980 Reserve Zinfandel, still wrapped in the original purple tissue.

Jack Tonkin

Location: Lake Forest Park, Washington

Year Inducted: 2008

A Seattle native, Jack Tonkin has had the opportunity to travel and discover wines throughout the world. Tasting premium wines on a ten-day Napa Valley vacation brought him to V. Sattui where he found “a very laid-back winery with a deli and picnic area. We had a leisurely, wonderful afternoon. It was amazing.” Every year Jack a large order for wine and sends it exclusively as holiday gifts. He is a very popular man!

Richard Devine

Location: Houston/Galveston, Texas

Year Inducted: 2008

“I purchase V. Sattui wine for family and friends on a regular basis and feel the wines are some of the best in the world. Recently I bought three magnums of 2000 Preston Vineyard Cabernet and still think it’s the best wine I have ever had.” Richard has been visiting V. Sattui Winery since 1986, timing many of his visits with our annual parties we host each year.

Neil & Sandy Schroeder

Location: Camarillo, California

Year Inducted: 2008

Married 26 years, with three children, the Schroeders have lived in Colorado, Texas, New York and California and have always enjoyed V. Sattui wines wherever they’ve been. They share a special bond with Winery President Tom Davies, which started when he served them their first glass of V. Sattui wine years ago. When the whole family (father, mother, brother & sister) wanted to attend the Harvest Ball in 2005 and they had no babysitter, it was Tom who suggested they park their motor home in our vineyard. “The kids watched Disney while the grown-ups enjoyed a wonderful night of culinary delights, music and…great wines! Thanks for the memories,” says Neil.

Lahori Ram

Location: Burlingame, California

Year Inducted: 2007

Lahori Ram and his wife Prito have been V. Sattui wine lovers for more than twenty years. Lahori has more than 800 bottles in his cellar, most of them V. Sattui reds! Lahori, now Commissioner for Economic Development for the State of California, is originally from India; Prito came from the Fiji Islands. They make their home south of San Francisco. Each time they visit V. Sattui, they bring visiting dignitaries or extended family.

Thomas Brooks

Location: Hamden, Connecticut

Year Inducted: 2007

Thom first visited V. Sattui in 1987 and became a Cellar Club member the following year. Despite living on the other side of the country, he still visits a couple times each year, usually for the Harvest Ball or to stock up on futures at our Barrel Tasting Party. Thom especially likes the Carsi and Carneros Chardonnays, and Preston Cabernets. He also likes to sing, and amazed everyone a few years ago when he stood up and sang opera at a Harvest Ball!

Carol & Mike Chiricuzio

Location: Pittsburg, California

Year Inducted: 2007

Carol and Mike attended our Harvest Ball in 1992. “It was a magical evening, and we haven’t missed a Harvest Ball since,” says Mike. They live in Pittsburg, CA, and love that V. Sattui is only 45-minute drive away!

Michael & Katherine Cuno

Location: Randolph, New Jersey

Year Inducted: 2007

While living in the Bay Area in the 1970s and ‘80s, the Cunos became regular visitors. “In addition to great wines, the picnic area made V. Sattui family-friendly, very important to us, with three young daughters,” says Katherine. “While we tasted wine, the kids played and ate animal crackers.” When a corporate move took them to the East Coast, the Cunos became long-distance buyers of wine futures and a wide range of Sattui reds. They recently returned for a Cellar Club visit with oldest daughter, Leslie. Now old enough to taste wine, she says it’s “definitely better than animal crackers”, and ordered her own case of futures. Michael says, “Now our other daughters want to know when we’re taking them tasting at V. Sattui!”

Jim & Heather Amey

Location: Oregon City, Oregon

Year Inducted: 2006

Jim and Heather live with their two favorite Labs near Portland, where Jim owns a rep firm for electrical construction products. Jim has been a member of our Wine of the Month Club for quite a while and enjoys receiving our red wines, although Heather prefers our Chardonnays.

Sue Triplett

Location: Bradenton, Florida

Year Inducted: 2006

Sue is fondly known at V. Sattui Winery as the “Gamay Rouge Lady”. She was born in California’s Central Valley and now resides with her husband, Jack, in south Florida. She’s been an avid fan of V. Sattui wines since the early 1980s and says she likes our Gamay Rouge “with lunch, dinner, by the pool, with everything!”

The Perrys & Hamptons

Location: Vallejo, California

Year Inducted: 2006

Cheryl Hurd Perry and Brenda Hampton are sisters. Along with husbands Dana and Alvin, they’ve been visiting V. Sattui for years. “We love the wines and use V. Sattui as a destination for all of our guests who come to town,” says Cheryl. Brenda agrees. “The food is great, the wines are outstanding, especially the Rieslings, Madeira and Vintage Port. And the employees are wonderful.”

Dan & Alice Bowman

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

Year Inducted: 2006

“My first, and most memorable, tasting at V. Sattui was in 1978,” says Dan. “There wasn’t much to the Winery at the time, except the wines, which blew the other places we visited that day right out of the water. We’ve been drinking your wines ever since. Thank goodness you can ship to North Carolina! My favorite is the Morisoli Cab, but it’s hard to pick just one wine. My wife agrees, and we’ve concluded that if we are ever shipwrecked on a deserted island with wines from only one winery, they’d be from V. Sattui.”

Chris & Leigh Cortez

Location: Quantico, Virginia

Year Inducted: 2005

Born in Vacaville, California, Chris Cortez joined the U.S. Marine Corps after graduating from Marietta College in Ohio. On one of his return visits twenty years ago, he discovered V. Sattui Winery and became a Cellar Club member. “Buying futures is the way to go,” he says, listing Morisoli & Preston Cabernets and Duarte Zinfandels as his favorites. Leigh enjoys our Chardonnays. We were honored that Chris and Leigh hosted their son’s wedding at V. Sattui in 2003.

The Harsacky-schramm-brumberg Family

Location: Dayton, Ohio

Year Inducted: 2005

Tom Schramm discovered V. Sattui while on a business trip in the 1980’s. He later introduced his father-in-law, Frank, to “the fine wines and fine people of V. Sattui,” and together, with their wives, they’ve made numerous Wine Country visits, always including V. Sattui as a stop for a “wine fest” and lavish picnic. The family has been loyal members of our Wine of the Month Club for several years, and continue to recruit young family members into the club as well.

David & Kay Holloman

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

Year Inducted: 2005

David and Kay discovered V. Sattui Winery while on a business trip in San Francisco. “We spent half of the day drinking modest quality wine, offered by indifferent staff at a number of Napa wineries,” says David. They stopped at V. Sattui for a picnic lunch and tasting and were “cheerfully offered far better wines.” For that reason, they’ve become customers for life. “That sense of connecting with the consumer is pervasive at V. Sattui,” “There are many producers of fine wines in Napa [Valley,] but V. Sattui is unique in understanding their customers and getting to know them as individuals. Our appreciation of wine has benefited greatly from our association with V. Sattui Winery.”

Kevin And Deann Osborne

Location: Walnut Creek, California

Year Inducted: 2004

High school sweethearts, Kevin and DeAnn were strictly white wine drinkers until being introduced to V. Sattui in 1980 when our Gamay Rouge quickly became their “staple drinking wine.” Soon they acquired a taste for red wine. They still reminisce about opening a 15-liter ’80 Preston Reserve with a bunch of friends at a Super Bowl party. Now Morisoli Cabernet fans, Kevin likes to brag about how little he paid for his collection by purchasing futures at volume pricing at our Tax Relief Parties, “the only way to go,” he says. Kevin and DeAnn bring many friends who have become devoted customers and part of our extended family.