What should you serve with BBQ this summer?  Hearty red blends and zin, of course!

La Merica – Pre-Prohibition red blend worthy of your finest cuts
+ your pick of these zesty, jammy Zins:
Dry Creek Zinfandel, Ramazzotti Vineyard Zinfandel, Gilsson Vineyard Zinfandel & Pilgrim Vineyard Zinfandel

Mix or match for savings on both wine & shipping!

15% OFF + $10 shipping – 6 bottles
20% OFF + $1 shipping – 12 or more bottles

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The sun is shining and we have just the wines for the occasion!

SAVE 25% on mix-or-match cases of these favorite summertime selections:

Whites:  2017 Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc  |  2016 Dry Riesling  |  2015 Dry Muscat
Rosé:      2016 Gamay Rouge
Reds:      2015 Entanglement (GSM)  |  2015 Ramazzotti Vineyard Zinfandel

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