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Futures photo-- Richard Wood- smallerWhy Buy Futures?

We hope you’ll consider taking advantage of our Futures program!

  • You’ll save money on the wines you buy
  • There’s opportunity for price appreciation later
  • You’ll be sure to receive our very best wines before they sell out

Every year, when the new vintage is still in barrel, we allocate a small percentage (about 15%) to Futures purchases; that is, while the wines are still aging and before they’re bottled, you may purchase it by the case with a 50% deposit.  This locks in a lower price than when the wine is eventually available to the public.

During subsequent visits, you can taste the wines as they age and develop to further hone your skills of appreciation. Once the wine is bottled, two or three years from the vintage date, a notice is sent to you with the balance and instructions for shipping or pickup.

You can also combine Futures purchases with current wines to obtain multiple case discounts. A nice advantage when you’re only putting down half on the Futures.

Ordering Futures

  • Download the Wine Futures Order form.
  • To submit your order by email, complete all fields and save the form to your computer. Then attach it in an email addressed to orders@vsattui.com.
  • You may also print and mail/fax in the order form.
  • When we receive your order we will email you a copy of your deposit receipt.
  • Approximately two years from the vintage date, we will alert you by email when your futures are ready for pick-up/shipment. Final payment will be due at the time of pick-up or delivery.
  • Prefer to Buy an Whole Barrel of Wine (24 cases)?  Call us!

For questions please email orders@vsattui.com or call (707) 963-7774

The season started with weather-related challenges in the Napa Valley, as a cool, rainy winter was followed by inclement weather during bloom and flowering. Winegrowers even anticipated a slightly reduced set and crop. However, the water encouraged the vines to grow and we reached ideal shoot length in June. Berries were small, and the clusters appeared light, but the warm June and moderate temperatures in July allowed the grapes to develop under perfect conditions. 

Clusters plumped up by August to slightly above average weight. By late summer things started to really warm up, which continued through early September and October, allowing the development of sugars and the concentration of flavors to reach ideal levels. Quality of the harvest was outstanding with excellent maturity and ripeness. The 2019 vintage is of spectacular quality for our single-vineyard collections. Blending will deliver wines that are complex with deeply-scented fruit-forward aromatics, succulent mid-palates and layers of flavor, along with supple tannins.

Here’s to another fantastic vintage, Cheers!

Brooks Painter
Director of Winemaking