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  • What Flavor Are You??

    Riesling is for everyone and everyone should be for Riesling. It is the MOST food-friendly wine, pairing easily with foods that run the gamut, from typical table fare to more exotic cuisines and flavors.

    Are you light & sweet or crisp & dry? Riesling can be made in different styles, from the bone-dry that make you think you’re quaffing a tart Sauvignon Blanc, to the sweet and rich Late Harvests made for after-dinner relaxation and everything in between.

    There is even a website wholly dedicated to Rieslings, with everything you need to know about the different regions they’re grown in the world over. The URL is (go figure) www.drinkriesling.com. They also have a handy dandy sweetness scale (called the “Riesling Taste Profile”) with which to categorize your Riesling, which helps make sure everyone is on the same page when referring to a Riesling as “dry” versus “medium sweet.”

    The more technical stuff

    In order to calculate where the wine falls, you’ll need to know RS, TA and pH. RS stands for residual sugar and is the sugars left after fermentation. It is often expressed in grams per liter but can also be calculated as a percentage. TA is titratable acidity and pH is a different expression of acidity (remember – water is neutral with a pH of 7). I could geek out on you and talk and the negative logarithms of hydronium ions, but I’m sure you’ve had enough.

    So when figuring out where a Riesling should be on the Taste Profile, you find the ratio of the sugars to the acid (TA) and factor in the pH. Remember when you were in school and you used to ask your teacher, “When are we ever gonna use this math and science stuff in real life?” Well now you know the answer – to figure out which Riesling to drink, of course!!

    Oh, but don’t think you’ll actually have to do any calculations – I’ve done all the heavy (brain) lifting for you. Check out where our different Riesling fall on the chart below.

    What Riesling are you?

    Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about you. Yes, you. Who are you? Or more importantly, what Riesling are you?



    Do you like exotic foods that you order extra spicy, like Thai food or curry?

    Are you the sweetest one of all of your friends (c’mon, you know you are!)?

    Do you sometimes wish you could eat dessert instead of dinner?

    Then curl your hands around a cold, cold glass of Off-Dry Riesling.


    The sweeter the wine, the spicier the food you want to pair it with. The sweetest of our Riesling line-up, our Off-Dry Riesling stands up well to spicy Indian curries, spicy Mexican or spicy Thai food… are you sensing a theme, here? Think about this when you break out the sweet potato or pecan pie in a week.

                                             Spicy Indian Curries



    Do you like to have a go-to wine to take to parties at friend’s houses?

    Could you eat sushi for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

    Do you like sunsets and long walks on the beach?

    Get this lightly-sweet, lightly-crisp Dry Riesling stat!



    Our Dry Riesling is THE sushi wine – the light sweetness coupled with a delicate wash of acidity on the finish makes this perfect for the equally delicate flavors of sticky rice, roe and sushi-grade fish. It also stands up nicely to an autumn dish of pumkin ravioli with brown butter sauce and pecans. 

    Pumpkin ravioli                                    Sushi


    Do you like seafood, pastas with light sauces and Asian foods with just a hint spice?

    Do you like wines wines with balance and finesse (I mean, who doesn’t?)?

    Are you the middle child, always mediating between your older and younger sibling?

    Grab a glass of our Anderson Riesling and get mediatin’!


    This crisp and clean, well-balanced Riesling is perfect for and kind of grilled or broiled seafood dish, as well poultry – I’m thinking a beatifully brined turkey with herbed stuffing may be in this Anderson Valley Riesling’s future…

    Grilled Snapper


    Do you like crisp autumn days when the wind nips at your cheeks?

    Do you like to show off great wine finds to your friends?

    Is “Humpty Dumpty” your favorite nursery rhyme?

    Twist the cap off the Dancing Egg and pour away!



    This delicious dancer is a favorite among us here at the winery. The wonderful minerality makes it perfect for so many foods, from a plate of freshly shucked oysters to richer dishes of fish and poultry – even veal or pork. Just stay away from sweeter dishes. Our Dancing Egg Riesling would be another boon to the Thanksgiving table, pairing nicely with a side of roasted acorn squash, yams and apples with cranberry and walnuts.

     Roasted squash, yams and apples