Peter Velleno


Growing up as a fifth generation San Franciscan, Peter took every opportunity he could to get out into nature, whether through camping, kayaking, biking, or backpacking in the Sierras.
It makes sense that he ended up living and working in such a beautiful, natural setting. He and family of four deeply appreciate the beauty of Napa, but also love the wonderful community, not the least of which is V. Sattui. He says, “It seems inevitable that both of my kids will work here one day in some capacity. My daughter especially can’t wait to join the V. Sattui family when she’s old enough.”

Peter is highly knowledgeable in all aspects of the winemaking and fermenting, both through his coursework at UC Davis (where he earned a B.S. in Fermentation Science) and also through his work experience. While in school he worked as a cellar assistant and microbiologist at a brewery before working in several Napa Valley wineries on the quality control/laboratory side. In 2008 he joined V. Sattui as Assistant Winemaker, becoming Winemaker in 2014. He says, “My passion for winemaking has grown so much during my time here. Starting out I was excited about winemaking and having a ton of fun, but I had not really thought about dedicating my entire career to it. Now I can’t imagine doing anything else.’

With the wide variety of wines made at V. Sattui, being organized is a critical part of his job. Luckily, he likes getting immersed in the detail of an Excel spreadsheet (especially one with lots of colors). That diversity of wines also allows him to experiment and push the boundaries of traditional winemaking. He says, “I’m grateful for the level of freedom I have in pursuing different wines, styles and techniques. Innovation is really encouraged here, and my confidence in my abilities has grown every year.”