David Bejar - V. Sattui Winery

David Bejar

Great wine begins with great grapes, and David Bejar is one of the best at ensuring our grapes are top quality.

Born in the Mexican state of Michaocán, he moved to Ensenada in Baja, California when he was eleven after the death of his father. He got a job pruning vineyards for a local winery there and a year later began picking grapes as well. At the age of fifteen David followed his older brother and immigrated to the United States, settling in Santa Rosa, where he began working in Sonoma County vineyards.

David’s work ethic, dedication, and devotion to his job helped him quickly work his way up and by the time he was twenty-four, he was a vineyard foreman for Domaine Chandon. He went on to work for a vineyard management company before coming to V. Sattui as Assistant Vineyard Manager. In short order, he worked his way to Vineyard Manager.

Today, David oversees our vineyards and the work that happens there. His farming experience, great attitude, work ethic, and leadership skills are key to V. Sattui Winery’s success.