Ali Paterson


Ali is one of our beloved generational employees, following in the footsteps of her mother, who worked at V. Sattui when Ali was a child. Her first job at the winery came in 1986 at the tender age of 14, when she begged for a job in the deli. After college, where she studied graphic design and psychology, she spent 17 years “out in the world” working in both B2B and B2C winery organizations as a graphic designer, business administrator and sales manager. She traveled and started a family while always maintaining her ties to V. Sattui. Ali returned to work at the winery in 2011 as the administrative and marketing manager, calling it “a place and a brand I love with people I call my family.”

Ali has been exposed to every aspect of V. Sattui’s business over the years, and her enterprising, creative and caring nature has led her to many different roles. Currently she wears the title of Vice President of Marketing, focusing her efforts on grounding the culture, messaging, and experiences in diversity and inclusion, while communicating the WHY behind the V. Sattui brand. She says, “We have incredible longevity in our staff and a rich, colorful history with a diverse fan base that’s represented in our offerings. I get to build and paint using all the V. Sattui colors and stories and make a living doing so. How lucky!”

Ali lives in Browns Valley, Napa, where she dotes on her two dogs, cooks, hikes, and dabbles in pottery. She’s very close to her son, an architecture major at University of Oregon, and recharges her batteries with a pilgrimage to Kauai every year. She’s known for her deep experience and knowledge of V. Sattui’s business, care and mentorship towards the staff, and appreciation for food and wine.