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  • Have an eggs-cellent Easter at V. Sattui Winery!

    The answer to your question is yes.

    We are open all weekend, including Easter Sunday, and it’s going to be a blast! Beautiful grounds, great wine, what more could you ask for??

    After you take your Easter goodies home (read: your wine), you may get hit with a sudden panicked feeling of: “Uh-oh. Now what do I pair this with?” Because let’s be honest here, you were in it for the wine, in the moment, and you weren’t thinking about the future, about how civilized people don’t just take down bottles of wine without some manner of food involved… Ahh, the pressures of a civilized world.

    No Need to Panic

    V. Sattui has got your back. Just use our handy-dandy guide and you will be on your way to Easter salvation!


    Did you buy bubbles? 

    Maybe a little 2011 Prestige Cuvee? This will go great with Easter brunch – think eggs benedict – the rich butter notes in hollandaise and meatiness of the ham are foiled nicely by the light crispness of this wine.

    Peeps are another great pairing with sparkling.


    Did somebody say Riesling?

    Riesling goes with EVERYTHING. I can’t say this enough. If you bought Riesling, you are the Easter winner! (No, you don’t get anything, sorry. How about a cyberhug!? Yea!)  A sweeter Riesling – Anderson Valley and Off-Dry Riesling – will go with the spicier dishes (Sriracha deviled eggs, anyone?) where our Easter feature, the Dancing Egg Riesling, with its crisp palate and refreshing flavors with be a nice contrast to a richer dish, like a vegetable curry.

    Seduced by a Pinot Noir?

    This will be fantastic with one of the main courses – the Easter ham. The light and delicate, yet complex flavors of Pinot Noir are beautiful when paired with this dish. Our Anderson Valley Pinot Noir, with its savory mushroom flavors will complement the salty, meaty flavors of the ham.

    Zins are forgiven on Easter!

    As luck would have it, Zinfandel’s full-bodied flavors and pinch of spice stand up nicely to a roasted rack of lamb. Try our 2012 Pilgrim Zinfandel – it’s jammy, pepper-accented blackberry flavors are decadently delicious.


    And remember – dont forget the eggs…