Do I need to be home to receive the shipment? - V. Sattui Winery

Do I need to be home to receive the shipment?

Age verification (21+) is required for delivery, so if you have the wines shipped to your home, someone will need to be present; however, we can ship to a home, a business, or a FedEx Authorized ShipCenter.

UPDATE: Effective June 28, 2022, FedEx will use ID-scanning technology for all domestic deliveries of alcohol. FedEx only records the first initial and last name of the ID holder, which is part of the existing proof of delivery information that is captured for all signature deliveries. FedEx does not record or store any other personal data encoded within a recipient’s ID (e.g., driver’s license number, birthdate, home address, etc.) and no picture of the ID is taken. If a recipient declines to have their ID scanned or the barcode on the recipient’s ID can’t be read for any reason, a recipient’s age will be verified by manual inspection of the recipient’s ID, and the recipients first initial and last name will be manually entered. Age verification is mandatory for each ASR (adult signature required) delivery, even if a recipient’s age has been verified during a previous delivery.