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Can I let my will call Wine Club orders “stack” and pick up several at once?

YES! You are welcome to pick up multiple Will Call orders at once; however, once you have four orders “stacked,” we will start sending you email reminders to pick up your wines. If you have four or more Wine Club orders to pick up, please contact the Wine Club team at least three days before you arrive so we can prepare your paperwork. Your wines will be packed upon arrival.

PLEASE NOTE: Sold out vintages from older Wine Club orders will be replaced with current vintage wines upon pickup. We do not “store” the wines in your Wine Club orders until you pick them up.

Can I change the wines in my will call Wine Club order at the winery?

NO. We do not allow members to make wine exchanges on property. Please customize your orders prior to processing if you would like to change the wines in your Wine Club order (see “Can I customize my Wine Club orders?” above). Once your Wine Club order is charged, changes CANNOT be made to the wines in your order.

What about Alaska and Hawaii?

Members in Alaska and Hawaii can only enroll in a Semi-Annual club, and they receive 12-bottle shipments in May and November. These orders are shipped via 2-Day air, and the freight charge is $99.

Do you offer free shipping with your Wine Club orders?

NO. Shipping is not free, but we do offer reduced freight rates for Wine Club orders:

FedEx Ground Club Rates
# of bottles In CA Out of State $10/magnum
2 $12.95 $14.95 $20.00
3 $14.95 $18.95 $30.00
4 $17.00 $19.95 $40.00
6 $18.00 $25.00 $60.00
12 $22.00 $34.00 $120.00


What shipping company do you use?

We primarily use FedEx, but we can ship via UPS by request. Shipping wines via UPS is slightly more expensive than FedEx.

We highly recommend signing up for FedEx Delivery Manager to have more control over your shipments. This free service allows you to easily track your packages, arrange to pick them up at a nearby location, get delivery notifications, and much more.

Can I customize my Wine Club orders?

YES! It’s easy to customize your Wine Club orders:

  • Check your Selections Email or visit the Wine-of-the-Month Club Selections Page.
    • Wine Selections are available on the 21st (For example, the Wine Selections for June are available May 21st).
    • If the 21st lands on a weekend/holiday, Selections will be available the next business day.
  • Reply to the Selections Email or contact the Wine Club team with your customization request.
    • Choose from any Club Selections OR “Add-a-Bottle” Selections.
    • Customize your order before the end of the month (For example, the Customization Deadline for June’s Wine Club order is May 31st).

PLEASE NOTE: Once your Wine Club order is charged, changes CANNOT be made to the wines in your shipment.

How much will my Wine Club orders cost?

Our Wine Clubs vary in cost, depending on the number of wines in your shipment and which Club Option you select.

  • All Wines: $90-$130 per 2-bottle order
  • Dry Wines: $90-$130 per 2-bottle order
  • Red Wines: $100-$150 per 2-bottle order
  • Bianco Wines: $75-$120 per 2-bottle order
  • Dolce Wines: $75-$120 per 2-bottle order
  • Premier Wines: $120-$190 per 2-bottle order
  • Library Club (quarterly allocation only): $200-$350 per 3-bottle order
  • Magnum Club (quarterly allocation only): $130-$260 per 1-bottle order

How can I update my payment information and billing/shipping addresses?

There are several ways you can update your account information:

  • Log in to our website to update your information online.
  • Call the winery at (707) 963-7774 and speak with one of our staff members.
  • Call our Wine Club Team’s direct lines: Stephanie (707) 286-7215 or Alex (707) 286-7214.  You can leave payment information in our secure, password-protected voicemail boxes, which can only be accessed by the Wine Club staff. Be sure to leave your full name (spelling of your last name), phone number with area code, credit card number and expiration date.

Do I need to be home to receive the shipment?

Age verification (21+) is required for delivery, so if you have the wines shipped to your home, someone will need to be present; however, we can ship to a home, a business, or a FedEx Authorized ShipCenter.

UPDATE: Effective June 28, 2022, FedEx will use ID-scanning technology for all domestic deliveries of alcohol. FedEx only records the first initial and last name of the ID holder, which is part of the existing proof of delivery information that is captured for all signature deliveries. FedEx does not record or store any other personal data encoded within a recipient’s ID (e.g., driver’s license number, birthdate, home address, etc.) and no picture of the ID is taken. If a recipient declines to have their ID scanned or the barcode on the recipient’s ID can’t be read for any reason, a recipient’s age will be verified by manual inspection of the recipient’s ID, and the recipients first initial and last name will be manually entered. Age verification is mandatory for each ASR (adult signature required) delivery, even if a recipient’s age has been verified during a previous delivery.