January 2013 - V. Sattui Winery

Thank you Ashley!

Thank you Ashley for the wonderful Winery review on Trip Advisor!

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“So Happy Together – At V. Sattui Winery!”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed January 3, 2013

My husband and I were married at V. Sattui winery in September of 2012. We chose this beautiful venue because of its friendly, family-oriented atmosphere. It is truly a place we would be happy bringing our children for picnics for years to come!

The wedding was absolutely beautiful – Alicia, Director of Weddings is absolutely wonderful! From booking through the ceremony itself, the staff at V. Sattui were wonderful – we even brought different members of our families on several occasions to show them the venue, and V. Sattui staff were always kind, welcoming, and full of hospitality!

This is definitely a place we will spend LOTS of time in our years together as husband and wife – romantic, fun, and beautiful. We could not ask for more in the Napa Valley, but V. Sattui provides SO MUCH more than that. We love this place.
Visited September 2012

Fish Friendly Farming

For the past 8 years V. Sattui Winery has enrolled our Carneros estate, the Henry Ranch, in the Fish Friendly Farming program for the Napa Valley, a voluntary certification program for grape growers who implement land management practices that restore and sustain habitat and improve water quality.

   The program was developed as a collaboration of the agricultural community, government agencies and environmental groups both to educate us on preserving our environment and to develop a coalition of role models for the entire community.

   In the program, vineyards are not only scrutinized for vine management practices but also how we care for roads, drainage systems, creeks and rivers. The certification process is lengthy but we are committed to the changes necessary to preserve our habitat for generations to come.

   The forefront of our training is to develop and implement a farm plan of beneficial management practices with the expertise of hydrologists, biologists and environmental engineers. Some of these practices are challenging but worthwhile as we make necessary improvements for the vineyards, access roads, creek and river corridors for the 500-acre ranch.  

   Carneros Creek, which runs through Henry Ranch, is a beautiful waterway shared by several neighboring vineyards and ranches. The steelhead trout is one of many species in this tributary that rely on clean water to survive and thrive. We’re very excited to join our neighbors and participate in preserving such a beautiful part of our watershed. Fish Friendly Farming reinforces the idea that we not just see the vineyard for the vines, but for all the living things that share our ecosystem.


Moscato Frizzante-Tiny Bubbles

by Tom C. Davies, Winery President

Getting away is always good. About five years ago our Marketing VP, Claudette Shatto, had a memorable vacation, spending a couple of weeks touring the hill towns of Tuscany and Umbria. She also spent the best part of a week staying at Castello delle Serre, our 1000- year-old castle-hotel near Siena. Tough duty for a working vacation.

Of course her market research included lots of dining and drinking (not sure if in that order). Among her discoveries were wines with few or tiny bubbles, or as Italians say, “Frizzante.”  These wines are not really sparkling wines; they’re not as carbonated and are lighter, with lower alcohols and a little sweetness. The most famous Italian frizzante is Moscato D’Asti, a slightly “fizzy” wine made from the Muscat grape grown in the Piedmonte region.

Upon her return to the States, Claudette’s immediate new idea was for V. Sattui to produce a Moscato Frizzante. And we did just that. In the summer of 2008 we released the 2007 Moscato. It sold out in less than four months. Did I mention she’s the VP of Marketing?

Since then Moscato has become very popular with consumers. However our Moscato is very different than what you will find at your local wine shop. The wine fills the glass with aromas of orange blossoms and perfumed flowers, and follows with a delicate, just-enough-sweet softness on the palate from the tiny bubbles to give a wonderful, textural sensation. Our Moscato is the perfect complement to a summertime picnic, light desserts or any celebratory experience. 

To make sure we keep all that good stuff from prematurely escaping the bottle, we’ve finished the wine in a screw cap. I know most of you have heard or know that screw caps on certain wines, especially young whites not meant for long-term aging, are preferable to corks. They don’t let air in or out and there’s no risk of cork taint. We’ve also decorated the wine with a new label, bringing back original elements of Vittorio Sattui’s labels from the early 1900s. 

My recommendation: Buy this wine. Better yet, buy lots. Chill it, find a couple of wine glasses (no need for flutes, or even stems), and give a quick twist! What follows is simply delicious!

Claire and Gil’s Elopment

Claire and Gil's romantic elopement at V. Sattui was the perfect getaway for this beautiful couple.  Claire looked absolutely breathtaking in her custom made gown as she stepped into the Cellar Cave to take Gil's side.  After sealing the deal with a kiss, the two enjoyed soaking in the sun on the private Vittorio Terrace with a glass of our sparkling Cuvee Rouge and more photos by photographer Gregory Bartning.  Cheers to the new couple!

Nicole and Mark’s Petite Wedding

September’s romantic late-summer weather was the perfect setting for Nicole and Mark to stroll through the vineyards and enjoy the beauty of their wedding day.  With surrounding grapes reaching the peak of ripeness, strung lights dazzling in the twilight and the duo in center stage, excitement and celebration filled the evening.  Moments were forever caught by photographer, Jen Philips, as the beautiful couple joined closest family and friends for toasting and dancing.  Congratulations to Nicole and Mark, and welcome to the V. Sattui Winery family!