Three V. Sattui Dipping Oils Box
Three V. Sattui Dipping Oils Box
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Three Bottle Wooden V. Sattui Branded Box
One each of:
V. Sattui Napa Valley Dipping Oil
V. Sattui Roasted Tomato & Balsamic Dipping Sauce
V. Sattui Garlic & Parmesan Dipping Sauce
and Lindor Chocolates

Product Reviews
Candace McClelland's Gravatar
Candace McClelland
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(Nov 28, 2012 at 12:14 PM)
The VSW Napa Valley Dipping oil is amazing, so good!!! I typically have purchased a buttery Spanish olive oil from Dean & DeLuca along with their own brand of dipping oil spices which has been our favorite for several years but this is my newest favorite! I just ordered 6 more, some to give as gifts. You have to try it; you will not be disappointed!